Chapter 1


Sunday, 28th June 2015

“Come on Lucas, tell us the worst thing you’ve ever done in your life.” Charles replaced the club into his golf bag and turned to wink at his other friend, Dan.

“Yes,” Dan said and nudged the bigger man. “Spill the beans, Lucas.”

“Not everybody’s like you two.” Lucas toyed with his clubs, pretending to be making a selection. “We might have gone to the same school, but we’re all grown up now.”

Once the three friends had played their shots, they strolled along the fairway in the sunshine pulling their trolleys.

“Seriously, Lucas,” Dan said. “You must have done something in your life for which you were never caught.”

“We’ll let it go, Dan. Maybe Lucas will tell us if we invite him to our new club on Saturday.” Charles laughed and patted Lucas on the shoulder. “I doubt if you’ve ever done anything wrong in your whole forty years on the planet.”

Lucas was a solicitor and had always allowed people to believe he’d spent his entire life doing the right thing. Now, meeting up with these two guys again so recently, he’d reached the stage where he wanted to be accepted. He never had been at school. “I could tell you one or two things, but you have to swear that it stays out here on the golf course.”

Dan stopped and turned. “Lucas, why do you think we’re having a bad boys’ conversation out here—nobody knows what’s said except us.” The athletically-built man winked. “Come on, mate, and it doesn’t have to be a murder, just something to entertain.”

“About ten years ago I had a client, a young woman who had problems raising my fees. It was one of those scenarios that you see in the movies—the bloody stunning girl who needs legal help, but isn’t allowed any support through the government systems.”

Charles and Dan exchanged a look of disbelief and slowed to a saunter to be on either side of Lucas. The three had only played golf together a couple of times, but Charles and Dan had been back in touch for several months and enjoyed regular games. They liked to think of themselves as slightly older bad boys.

Even the ‘new club’ they referred to had been a random offer made to certain members of the golf club, or so they’d been told. Both Charles and Dan liked to give the impression that they were part of a select group.

Lucas adjusted his baseball cap. “As I say, I was about thirty, and the client was around twenty-one, but so bloody good-looking.”

“Come on you dirty sod,” Charles said. “Let’s have some meat on the bones—did she have big tits and—”

“She had wavy blonde hair that hung about half-way down her back, a beautiful face … big tits, and the most wonderful legs.” He paused and grinned. “She was a petty thief, although, with her looks I was surprised she did that sort of thing, anyway, it takes all sorts.”

“What did you do with her?” Dan turned to look at his old school chum, finding it hard to believe he’d do anything remotely bad.

“I’d seen her in my office twice, but one day I agreed to go to her family home out in Cambuslang.”

“If her people lived out there she must have had access to some money.” Charles was confused.

“Oh, her parents had money, but they believed their offspring ought to prove her worth and earn a decent wage without their financial help.”

“Thank God I’ve never had kids.” Dan laughed. “Keep the wife in the dark, so I can go on playing the field—use them, abuse them and ditch them.”

“Don’t listen to him,” Charles said, shaking his head at Dan. “Go on, Lucas, mate.”

“The girl said that she’d like to use my services and advice, but she couldn’t pay me. Well, I visited the house, and it was a nice place. Both parents were away somewhere. When the would-be client came to the door and let me in she was wearing one of those short, flimsy nighties, black panties, stockings, and stilettos.”

“Fucking hell,” Dan said. “You’re giving me a hard-on.” He laughed.

“By the time she made me a cup of tea and sat opposite me I had a bloody hard-on.” Lucas laughed at the memory. “Every time I looked across the room at her I had to drag my gaze up from her bust to her face. She had a great figure, but her tits were, and the nipples stood out under the nightie. We discussed her case again, and I said I would love to take her on for free, but my partners would complain.”

When Lucas went quiet again, the other two exchanged a glance but said nothing.

“Mandy, the girl, stood up and untied her nightie. She asked me if I’d ever been paid by a small favour, and I said no. I told her I was married and wouldn’t indulge in sex with a client.”

“I fucking would,” Dan said.

“Shut up—you don’t even treat your bloody marriage seriously.” Charles laughed. “Let the man finish.”

Lucas glanced to left and right at his two friends. “She asked me to stand up, and when I did, she pecked me on the lips and started undoing my tie and my shirt buttons. I wanted to stop her but she was irresistible, and I just stood there, staring at her face and then that bust. Mandy whispered, ‘It won’t count as sex if you just fuck me between these, Lucas.’ She made it sound so simple, and it was like a get-out clause for my conscience.”

The solicitor fell silent again and stared into the distance towards the ninth green.

“Please,” Dan said. “You’re driving me fucking nuts.”

Charles laughed aloud and glanced over his shoulder to make sure nobody else was near. The only person within shouting distance was the woman in green overalls and a cap usually worn by the forestry commission workers—checking trees and suchlike.

Lucas said, “I ended up standing there like a dummy, and let her strip me nearly naked because after she’d mentioned what we could do, I didn’t care—I wanted it so badly. She kissed me, and after a couple of minutes my cock was throbbing so much it was painful—I was shooting my load whatever happened.”

“I don’t know about you, Lucas,” Dan said. “If you don’t finish this story in a minute I’ll be getting my cock out and shooting my load across this fucking fairway.”

Lucas laughed, now enjoying his status as a bad boy and dirty storyteller. “Mandy held my cock and led me through to a bedroom and then told me to squat over her to fuck her tits. I did it without hesitation, but couldn’t do what she suggested when I was about to come.”

“Jesus Christ,” Charles said. “Surely you didn’t stop?”

“No, far from it—I just didn’t want to come between her tits. I whispered that I was about to shoot my load, and then I held her pretty head up and stuffed my cock in her hot mouth. It turned me on even more, so I kept my cock in there and made sure she swallowed.”

“Bloody hell,” Dan said. “I think I’ve got a damp patch in my boxers.” He laughed and looked beyond the other two golfers. “What the fuck is she pointing at, Charles?”

Charles and Lucas both looked across at the young woman in the green overalls near the small bunch of trees.

“I think it’s some kind of spray gun or something.” Charles nodded. “I’ve seen her pointing it around the trees before when we’ve been playing this course. It might be for insecticide or something.”

“Why is she wearing ear defenders?” Lucas was shaking his head. “It’s not as if that thin rod is making a noise.”

“She’s probably got bloody music on, mate,” Dan said. “Imagine wandering around her for an hour or two and not actually playing golf.” He laughed. “Anyway, more to the point—what happened with young Mandy and a mouthful of your cock when you were young and thrusting?”

“She wasn’t pleased, but I kept my side of the bargain and represented her, and got her off with a warning.”

“Did she ever come back to you for help?” Charles grinned.

“Mandy didn’t, but that experience gave me a bit of confidence in myself.” He smiled, enjoying the questioning looks from the two men who would have picked on him as a schoolboy. “After that time, I tried my chances with another girl, and then another and another.”

“I can’t believe I’m hearing this.” Dan laughed. “How many have you taken advantage of now?”

“It was easier when I was younger and not so heavy, but I’d say maybe five or six—all young and eager to have help. Coming in a girl’s mouth when she isn’t expecting it or doesn’t really want to swallow is such a fucking turn-on.”

“Doesn’t your wife ever—”

“Dan, my wife is the same age as us—forty, and since my daughter was born our sex life has been shit.”

“Surely you still have sex with your wife?” Dan said.

“Yes, but not as much as I’d like, and not the way I’d like it—she’s a bit strait-laced.”

“How old is your daughter?” Charles stopped to pull out a club ready to take his next shot.

“My daughter is twenty-one. It gives you an idea of why I take advantage of women when I get the chance. I deserve more than a fuck every couple of months with the wife lying on her back.”

“Married life is what you make it, mate,” Charles said. “I just tell my wife what I want in the bedroom, and I’ve told her if she doesn’t see it my way I’ll go elsewhere.”

“I’m a bit like that,” Dan said. “I say a bit, but the difference is, I just get sex wherever I can.”

The three men all took their next shots, and all three were pleased to see their balls landing on the green. They strolled onward, each boasting of things they may, or may not have actually done.

“Look at her,” Charles said and laughed. “It’s like having a fourth player.” He nodded towards the woman in green who was wandering along between the fairways from one bunch of small trees to the next. Her head was bobbing side to side, and she had her strange spray gun device cradled over her arm like some sort of thin weapon.

As the men walked on, Dan turned briefly to the solicitor. “What about young men, Lucas?”

“What do you mean, young men?”

“You’re not trying to tell us that you haven’t occasionally had a male client who couldn’t afford to pay … in the normal way.”

Lucas tried to laugh off the idea, but his cheeks beamed, and he shook his head as he pressed his lips together.

Charles looked across at Dan behind Lucas’s back and winked. “Come on, Lucas, me and Dan would both be happy to have a blowjob from somebody with a cock of their own.”

Lucas half-turned to his left and then his right as if unsure of what to say.

“Come on you naughty boy,” Dan said, always eager to hear something sexy of any nature.

“Maybe there have been a couple.” Lucas held his head up, feeling he’d impressed the other two guys with his prowess as a sexual predator.

“You can’t leave it like that,” Charles said. “Tell us about one at least.”

“My most recent one was a few months ago. Billy was a pretty lad in his early twenties who had no financial backing but was up in court for some pathetic reason. He wasn’t gay which made it feel even better.”

“What happened with him?” Dan was eager to hear more.

“The day before he had to go to court I gave him a lift home from my office, but I made a detour into the countryside. I told him all he had to do was give me a hand job and we both pushed our seats back in the car. He was terrific and cupped my balls with his free hand.”

“It couldn’t have been as good as a woman—”

“When your sexual needs are being attended to by somebody else it doesn’t matter, Dan.” Lucas was getting more confident with every statement he made. “He was leaning across and wanking me slow and steady with one hand. I squeezed my thighs together so that I was almost sitting on the hand that had been cupping my balls, but was now fingering my crack. I told him to slide a finger up my hole—he did, and apart from feeling great, it brought his head closer to my lap.”

“You scheming sod.” Charles shook his head. “Well done.”

“I cried out that I needed him to fuck me with his finger and wank me faster and he did. I didn’t tell him I was ready to come, but I told him to kiss the head. As soon as his lips touched my cock, I forced it into his sweet mouth and held his head down as I thrust upwards. Oh, my God, I was spurting, and he was swallowing.”

Dan said, “Surely he could just have pulled away?”

“Not with me sitting on one hand and holding the other. I get aroused when I think back to that one.”

Dan laughed. “It sounds like you really get off on making people swallow, whoever they are.”

Lucas smirked, feeling that he had finally become ‘one of the boys’.

At forty, like the others, Charles Grainger pretended he had it all going on. As a security consultant, it was assumed by those who knew him that he was comfortable in all aspects of his life. As he listened to Lucas, he realised that maybe some of his own cheap thrills weren’t so exciting after all. Voyeurism and supposedly accidental brushing against women were hardly mind-blowing.

Dan Fraser, like Charles, was amazed to find that the quiet solicitor had done things nobody would ever have suspected. In his case, Dan had been married ten years, but he’d wanted a wife to help hide a secret. Since marrying, at least in conversation, he maintained a lifestyle of acting free and able to do as he pleased. He would say he took advantage of people regularly and had his own favourite tastes for sexual release. What he said was partly true.

“Well, Lucas,” Charles said. “I think you’ve earned an invitation to the club that Dan and I are going to on Saturday night.”

“Wow, thanks, guys.” Lucas was overjoyed. “Do you really touch up the waitresses and pull them onto your lap sometimes?’

“You’ll see for yourself on Saturday—you dirty sod.” Dan slapped his friend on the shoulder.


Snk at his other friend, Dan.