Hi there, and welcome to my website. Young woman playing in slave

I’m a thirty-something from Edinburgh in Scotland. I work in retail to earn a living. Relationships are for those involved in them so that’s where mine will stay.

In my quieter moments, I read and write, and sometimes those things are done while I travel which I also enjoy.

To keep in shape I swim, cycle and jog. A regular fitness regime at home (including bedroom gymnastics), keeps me going when the weather isn’t great—I live in the UK after all. 

Although I’m the new girl on the block it doesn’t mean I haven’t been working hard as an author. When I set out on my erotic journey early in 2019, I got one book published, and the next was well underway. I’d been advised to line up my second and third titles before publishing the first. I’ve got several under my (suspender) belt now and there’s more to come.

I hope you’ll drop by to check out my stories and my irregular ramblings. 

Katya  x