How hard can it be?

I’ve seen the number of eBooks increase over the past couple of years and as I scribbled my ideas and then typed them as stories, I thought, one day I’ll publish.

You’d think that I’d have the confidence to just do it, but no, I don’t want to produce one book and wait for years for the next. My first story is complete, but not yet published. (It’s being proofread).

I’ve chosen what I think are three pretty good themes for my next titles, so I’m going to take tips from a guy who has been writing erotica successfully for a while.

My mentor is performing a final proofread of my first book ‘Neighbourhood Watch‘, and apparently, it’s ‘not too bad’. He suggested that instead of continuing by working on one book, I should update my notes for a variety of titles, and then choose one to concentrate on.

The theory is for me to try to write the whole story quickly, save it, and leave it aside. I then have to write as much as I can of the next one and leave it aside. Yes, you’ve guessed, I have to do the same with the third one … and leave it aside. Another idea was for me to try writing a couple of chapters to see how a story opens up. I’ll give that a go too and see what works best for me.   

The author who is mentoring me said that by the time I got back to the first new story and read it through, I’d have a better feel for where I was taking things.

I also owe him big time because he helped me set up this site, and he’s producing my covers which is an area that did worry me. I know the theory of ‘branding’, but building my own will take me a while.

I hope to publish Neighbourhood Watch in February 2019, but wish me luck as I get underway with the others. I’d suggested April to produce one title from my Work in Progress menu, but I’ve already learned that it would be too quick. I’ll see how things look for a May or June publication.