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More Than a Sex Therapist is now available for you to enjoy. It was, as I said before, intended to be a novella, but as sometimes happens, the characters got carried away and the word count soared beyond forty thousand words to reach seventy thousand words. I hope this isn’t a disappointment to my regular readers.

As mentioned in my July post, my next three offerings are all intended to be novellas, and to retain control over length, apart from character creation, plot and the other ingredients, I’m setting out specific scenes in advance for each book. This is an idea I considered previously, but didn’t use because I wanted to let the stories unfold and take as long as felt comfortable. If nothing else, it will be an interesting test of will.

All three of my Work in Progress are well underway, so as usual, the one which captures my attention the most will be the next for full-time writing. My aim is to produce one more title before the end of the year.

Thank you for your generous support, and special thanks to those who provide me with feedback via comments, reviews of my books or private feedback via my Contact page.

Katya xx


Katya News

During the periods when a new story is resting between edits, I sketch out the plot for my next ideas. Like everyone in our modern world, I sometimes surf the internet. I recently checked out a website that was new to me, and as I read through the content and investigated the interaction, inspiration struck once again.

The result of that inspiration is Coming with Age, which is the latest addition to my Work in Progress. The blurb is available if you click on the cover, but the short version is that a middle-aged man is kicked out of his home when his wife discovers that he crossdresses.

I’m aiming for novella length in all three of my new titles, so I’ll have to control the characters and their urges to explore and experiment with each other. For now, I have no date set for publication of my next three Works. If I do restrain the characters and keep the book-length to novella, I’m sure that one of the three tales will be out by December.

I’m delighted to report that More Than a Sex Therapist will be available on 1st August.

This story was intended to be a novella, reaching around forty thousand words, but the characters needed more space to interact. At sixty-five thousand words, there was too much action to remove any chapters, so it’s stepped up to the next size of book.

Nothing drastic has been done to the original idea of the story, apart from the introduction of a slight twist to allow for more naughty shenanigans. The same four main characters carry the tale, and others are introduced in the background but only to create depth to the fictional world.

As I said in my update in June, I hope this is as enjoyable to read as it has been to write.

Thank you for your generous support, and special thanks to those who review my books or send me private feedback via my Contact page.

Katya xx

Katya News

Instead of waiting until More than a Sex Therapist is published I thought I’d offer my faithful followers an update and an insight. The good news is that the story is completed. As is the case with much of my work, it is based on old notes and my many previous attempts at writing stories.

Prior to having a mentor and becoming published, I saved a lot of ideas and short passages that I thought would be useful to create a story. Anyway, here I am with another tale, presently performing the hard part … the editing process to polish the manuscript and produce my best.


Once again, one of my aims is to prove that sometimes less is more.

As I’ve said before, the size should not affect the satisfaction. There may be fewer words in a novella than a novel, but it’s how they’re used that defines whether the storytelling is effective. In this tale, I’ve created four main characters, but all are important.

Adrian is the narrator, and also the central character. His mistake is not so much doing what he’s been doing, but, like most people, getting caught.

Rita is Adrian’s attractive wife, who needs help to deal with the discovery of her husband’s weakness. In desperation, she seeks advice by checking an unusual source.

Stephanie, a self-styled sex therapist, is introduced into the lives of the couple. She is unconventional in many ways, so it’s not clear if her methods will be successful.

Kenny, a long-time friend of Adrian, is the fourth person in this tale. He is a necessary piece of the whole picture, and strangely, I found him the most difficult to portray … at first.

To avoid spoilers, there isn’t much more I can say at the moment except to hope that the story, when finally published, is as enjoyable to read as it has been to write. If I work hard and still give it time to rest between edits, I aim to publish by the end of July 2022.

As always, thank you for your generous support, and special thanks to those who review my books or send me private feedback via my Contact page.

Katya xx

Katya News

Breaking and Entering is now available.

It’s not as long as a novel, but at 49k words, it’s not a short story. This one is a novella. The story picks up rapidly, and for the most part it features two characters, so has a high degree of intimacy regarding their relationship.

The chapters are not too long, which I’m sure will be welcomed by those readers who like to feel that they’re being carried more rapidly by the tale. I’ve included the usual level of detail so nothing has been sacrificed to produce the story.

To continue with the diversity of offering slightly shorter tales, my next two stories are also to be novellas. Due to my tendency to develop two stories simultaneously, I have the framework of my next story organised. More Than a Sex Therapist will tell the tale of a young couple who accept guidance from an unusual source, with results that take their relationship to a new level.

At the present time, Transformation is still more of an idea than a story, so I’ve opted for the tactic of creating multiple start points to see which one appeals most to me. I’m confident that one of these two remaining Work in Progress will be hitting the virtual shelves by around August 2022.

In the meantime, there are many worlds of pleasure to feast on in my catalogue. Enjoy.

As always, thank you for your interest in my work.

Katya xx

Katya News

Big Girls: and other erotic stories is now available.

You’ll find six short stories in this anthology with an average of 5,000 words. The tales cover a variety of topics within the genre, so I’m sure everyone will find something to appeal to them.

I started work on this collection in July 2021, and I’m pleased with my restraint. I took plenty of time to enjoy, rework, and tease each of the naughty episodes to their climax.

A novel or novella both require revision to continue the development of the plot and characters over a longer period. A short story is by its nature, short in length and time span. In effect, for reading purposes, a short story is a ‘quickie’.

I deliberately wrote each tale rapidly, provided working titles, and saved them. I’ve pulled them out individually on occasion to work on them while ‘resting’ other work. Following my most recent read through, I’m confident that I’ve hit the sweet spot with each story.

My next novella, Breaking and Entering, is complete but I’ll revise it again ready to publish late in April or early in May. The story, like all of my others, has been through several drafts, each time being left aside for a couple of weeks. I believe the rest periods are necessary to produce the best end result.

Now, I’ll leave you to decide if this latest one is for you. As with all of my titles, it is available on Kindle Unlimited for those of you who subscribe.

Katya xx

Katya News

My Feminine Side: Part 2 is now available.

In this second and concluding part of the tale, Ben and his beautiful, understanding girlfriend, Deborah continue to develop their relationship. Of course, Bethany is the third character in their household, and she too must be recognised and involved in things.

Due to erotica not attracting as many reviews as mainstream genres, it’s difficult to judge the success or popularity of a book, but authors do have a rough guide. According to my sales figures and the number of page reads on Amazon, My Feminine Side: Part 1 is performing well, so I have high hopes for the sequel.

This two-part story has been a joy to produce, and now it’s over to you guys to enjoy.

My Feminine Side: Part 2

My next anthology of short stories, Big Girls: and other erotic stories, has gone through several drafts over the past couple of months and is close to publication. Once again, the collection will contain six stories which cover a variety of situations, but they will appeal to you lovely erotica readers.

Remember to keep one hand free for flicking the screens.

Katya xx


It gives me great pleasure to … oops, I must concentrate.

My fingers have been busy, moving rapidly up and down, tapping here, and pressing there and I’m pleased with what has come of my efforts.

My Feminine Side: Part 1, the first episode of my latest two-piece story, is now available. You can use the title to locate the book’s page or use the buttons below for Amazon.

What else have I been up to?

  1. For the benefit of those who prefer to make their comments/suggestions public, I’ve now enabled comments on the page for each of my titles, and my ‘News’ posts.
  2. I’ve updated my ‘buy’ links to appear as coloured buttons instead of straight type.

My Feminine Side: Part 2 is well underway because while I wrote the first part, I continually made notes to develop the story. While there are readers who might suggest that it ought to be one book, this is one of those stories which I’ve ‘broken’ because of the ongoing plot.

Big Girls: and other erotic stories has moved on to the next draft and is looking good.

While refreshing the aesthetics of my site I took a couple of the covers aside and gave them a makeover. In my main catalogue, Curvy Girl, or Chubby Guy?, Maid for Pleasure, and Girls with Extra: Part 1 all got a new look.

To avoid any jealousy, I also touched up two in my Work in Progress, namely Transformation, and More Than a Woman.

Things to do, scenes to write and people to please. Thank you as always for reading my work, and checking out my website.

Katya xx


As things stand, I have my proposed titles listed in my Work in Progress catalogue, although, I agree with the maxim that where sex is concerned, there is always room for a little more.

My primary WIP, My Feminine Side: Part 1 is now in the final stages of editing, and I intend to publish it before the end of January. Although both parts are novella-length, the first one is looking good at quantity with 60,000 words. The second part will be on a par with the first, and it won’t be too far behind.

Due to the way I’ve created this story, I’ve been making notes, and building the framework of My Feminine Side: Part 2 while taking short breaks from the first book.

Big Girls: and other erotic stories is developing well. After a lot of soul-searching I’m finally happy with the six different tales, both in content and length. There should never be a rush to finish, which is something sex and the writing of an anthology have in common. I think it’s looking good for publication in March.

The more observant among you will have noticed that I’ve changed the model on the cover of More Than a Woman, and it was done with good reason. As I tend to make occasional notes on all of my working titles, I imagine the main character, and the one I had originally used felt wrong. The new character with the fuller figure is much more appropriate although the reasons will be within the story.

That’s all for now, you lovely people, so I’ll let you get on with your lives as I create pleasure in the lives of my characters’ lives.

Please remember, any use of my Contact page is confidential and only appears in my email.

Katya xx

Update – 3rd February.

I’m delaying the publication of My Feminine Side: Part 1 by a week because the ending wasn’t suitable but after a few days break from the new version, I’ll reassess and if all is good, the book will be out by Friday 11th February.

I apologise for keeping my regulars hanging on, but I want to give you my best.

Katya xx

Katya news

‘Tis the season to … read something naughty, so please use the links provided or use my main menu to check out my catalogue of titles.

Secrets: Part 1

Curvy Girl or Chubby Guy?

My Naughty Stepmother

Apart from this promotion, I’ve now extended my Work in Progress with another novella, Breaking and Entering. It started out as one of the stories for my next anthology, Big Girls: and other erotic stories, but as I reached a certain point, I knew that this particular tale needed more than to be a short story.

If you haven’t tried my work yet, all of my titles are on Kindle Unlimited to read FREE.

If you’re not enrolled on Kindle Unlimited, take a look at my promotional titles for only 99p (or equivalent) each.

Until January 2022, I wish you all a pleasant and carefree festive break.

Katya xx

Katya news

Girls with Extra found a few fans out there, and I had several requests to write Martin’s ongoing story.

The first tale has now been retitled Girls with Extra: Part 1

Girls with Extra: Part 2 is now available and all I can hope for is that the ending I’ve created satisfies those who wanted to know more. It was challenging at first, but once it was underway, I enjoyed the journey as I let the characters take the story forward.

What will be next?

Big Girls: and other erotic stories, my second anthology is shaping up nicely. All six stories are underway, but short stories require a lot of development so it will be early next year before the collection appears.

In the meantime, my next two-part story is also developing well. My Feminine Side: Part 1 is looking good for publication in January 2022. As I said in my October update, I knew this one had the makings of a two-part story and as I write the first one, I will continually be making notes in preparation for the second part.

Apart from the anthology, to avoid irritating my readers, after My Feminine Side: Part 1, I’ll produce My Feminine Side: Part 2 before any others in my Work in Progress.

For now, cosy up with Girls with Extra Part 1 and Girls with Extra: Part 2.