My Naughty Stepmother is available to anyone who is interested. It took a few days longer than expected to get her ready, but she’s now out there and ready to be explored and enjoyed. This was a tale which I intended to be a novella, but like some things in life where sexual activity is concerned, it just got bigger and bigger. Obviously, I knew I’d be satisfied eventually.

What else is coming?

As can be seen in my Work in Progress gallery, I have a few more ideas on the go. A couple of them are well-developed, but to regain control, Girls With Extra: Part 2 is my priority project. I wanted to get it out by the end of this year, but as I’ve said before, I don’t like to rush these things. Importantly, I have the cast of characters, a broad outline of how the events will unfold, and I believe the ending will be satisfying.

My Feminine Side: Part 1 is listed as being a two-part story because having created a time-line, primary characters, and outline, I know it’s going to be a big one.

I’ll post another update in November. Before I sign off, my sincere thanks goes out to you lovely people who follow me and buy into my stories. You make all the effort worthwhile.

Katya x

Katya News

My next offering is on the horizon and I’m satisfied with how the story has developed. When I started with My Naughty Stepmother I was aiming for at least fifty thousand words but not much more, so it would be classed as a novella, rather than a novel. I’m pleased to report that before beta reading and final edits the story stands at seventy thousand words.

Okay, it’s not as short as a novella, but a key aspect to remember is that the length shouldn’t mean that it is any less satisfying—the goal of the author. I believe it does its job.

Apart from the word count being a target, I did, of course, have a more important factor in mind—satisfaction … of my readers. In particular, I wanted to cater for the imagination of those who enjoy the taboo topics, like sexual relations … with a relation.

As is the case with most of my work, the story involves crossdressing, transgender, and bisexual characters, but I wanted this one to have a slight twist; hence, Natasha, the gorgeous and rather naughty stepmother.

I’ll be revisiting the story after it’s had another rest period and publishing ought to be the first week in October.

What will be next?

As I said I would, I’ve started work on Girls with Extra: Part 2, but just like sex, I don’t like to rush these things. The next story closest to reaching a climax is My Feminine Side which if all goes according to plan, will be a novella published in January 2022.

I don’t have a lot of people behind me (yet), so once again, I’m grateful that you enjoy what I have to offer.

Katya xx

Katya News

I’m delighted to report that Girls with Extra has captured the hearts and imagination of several of my readers—to the point where they’ve sent messages via my Contact page. Yes, it only has one review, but it’s a five-star write-up and obviously very much appreciated. Anyway, I digress.

The feedback has prompted me to get my juices flowing (the creative ones), and Girls with Extra will now have a sequel.

It’s great to see regular sales, but it’s amazing to receive positive feedback on my work, and even more so when more than one reader suggests a sequel. Thank you all.

With this in mind, I have amended the cover and title of the first story to Girls with Extra: Part 1. I’ve also added a cover and blurb for Girls with Extra: Part 2 to my Work in Progress gallery.

As you’ll appreciate, I work on my new titles individually for days or weeks at a time, but the order of publication is always flexible—a bit like myself. This means, for example, Girls with Extra: Part 2 might be the fifth added to the gallery but it won’t necessarily be fifth to be published.

I’m already imagining what Martin, aka Marianne will get up to, or should that be what will get up her? Mmm.

I’ve amended my website so that there can be more interaction between us. Comments are enabled for all of my visitors on many more of my pages.

Thank you for your support.

Katya xx

Katya News

In May, I published Curvy Girl or Chubby Guy? and I’m delighted to report that though it is bereft of reviews, like so many erotica titles, it is at least proving popular. I’ve had a couple of private messages via email but I think they’re best kept that way.

Moving swiftly on, I have three Work in Progress, and I’ve made headway with all three of them. I thought that for these, I’d work on all three simultaneously and they seem to be coming along well. I’m allocating two weeks to a story and only if I’m really on a roll, I stick with it. My plan is to keep to two weeks and move to one of the others. I’ve already found it a refreshing way to work on three different tales.

One instant advantage I’ve realised is that it will be a few weeks before I know which one is next for publication. As usual, when they’ve reached the end of first draft, each will have resting periods between the next drafts. This has already proved to be a healthy system and cuts out impatience.

I have to admit that the lack of reviews was disappointing me but I’ve gotten over it when I’ve seen how many erotica authors suffer from the same issue. I’ll continue to produce stories simply because I enjoy it, and if there are folk who like reading them, then that’s great.

Katya xx

Katya News

Not for the first time I opted to try something bigger and it was working out okay, but in the end I decided I’d prefer two shorter sessions instead of one long one … who wouldn’t?

Secrets: Part 1 and Secrets: Part 2 were a single volume but having spent many months working on the story, leaving it aside for a couple of weeks and then reapplying myself to it, I opted for breaking it into two logical parts.

As with all of my titles, these are available free on Kindle Unlimited.

The story takes place in Edinburgh and ventures into the world of bi-curious, crossdressing, and feminisation, with a little voyeurism and gay (both sexes) thrown in for good measure.

Not being one to rest on my laurels, or even my buttocks, I’ve got another story, Curvy Girl, or Chubby Guy? now looking good for publication by the end of May 2021.

I’ve got a couple of other ideas set aside and when I’m happier with the broad storylines I’ll post them into my Work in Progress/Coming Soon gallery.

Thank you to my followers for keeping faith with me and my stories.

Katya xx

Katya News


The year is well underway and so are my next titles, but I still have to whip the stories and the characters into shape.

I’m working on all three new titles simultaneously. What that means in reality is that I work on a story for a couple of weeks, put it aside and work on another. It keeps the tales and scenarios fresh when I return to them.

One of the new stories is in two parts because it did start as one book, but there was too much to squeeze in … and I know that shouldn’t be something to complain about. The third new one is a standalone … .

Over the past few days I’ve also been revisiting my covers to give them a fresh look.

Click on a title from the main menu or choose a book cover from the main catalogue and you’ll be taken to a screen with the cover and the blurb (insight) to the story. There are arrows to the left and right to allow you to scroll through my entire catalogue. Enjoy.

I’m pleased that the sales show that there is an interest in my writing, but without reviews from readers, it leaves an author like me unaware of where my strengths or weaknesses lie. I considered stopping but if the titles are being bought, some of you out there like my storytelling.

In the meantime, thank you to my regulars for your support.

Katya xx

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Christmas Promotion

Like any author, even as we approach Christmas I feel the need … well, apart from the obvious one, I feel the need to do a promotion, so three books will be offered at 99p/99c for five days.

What can you expect to find in the three books above?

To save me writing it all out here, if you look at the big bundle of categories on the left you’ll see the general spread of the subject matter. Each story is different, of course, but they all have the joys of sex being performed in a variety of situations.

I’m presently wondering whether to continue because the sales show an interest in my writing, but without reviews from readers, it leaves an author like me unaware of where my strengths or weaknesses lie. It might all stop with a ‘dirty dozen’ novels and one book of shorts.

I’ll produce a post in January 2021 to put my thoughts out there and to give an insight into what might be my final story, Fantasy to Reality.

In the meantime, thank you to my regular readers for your support.

Reflections … available now!

This is my eleventh title and once again I look at the world of the crossdresser.

In this story, I take a sympathetic view of what happens when Brandon, a 23-year-old, flees his hometown to start afresh but things go awry for him quite rapidly. As I’ve done previously, I’ve kept the cast of characters low in number to concentrate on the relationships and the action.

If you’ve enjoyed my other work, you’ll like this one too. For those who haven’t given my stories a try, why not check out the Preview/Buy, or take a ‘Look Inside’ on the Amazon page and see if you like the tone and style. 


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All of my titles are free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

Play Your Cards Right – available

Is it worth gambling when you have a lot to lose?

You’re a guy with a beautiful, sexy wife, a lovely home and a steady job. You also have a couple of great friends who you meet up with every Friday to play cards. That would be a fine pastime but it changes from being a casual weekly flutter when the stakes are raised and you are lured into the world of the IOU … and then your debts just look like words on paper.

Perhaps you wouldn’t see it for the sickness that it is, and Danny certainly didn’t, even when Heather made it clear that the signs were there.

What could make the situation any worse?

Perhaps another addiction would be the last straw, like a need to view porn. Of course, it’s not a problem … until that beautiful wife of yours finds out about it.

If she’s like Heather and not the type of person who’s willing to let you walk all over her it changes the stakes in both your pastimes.

What’s that old saying about a woman scorned?

These are the main ingredients of my latest tale and there is more than one twist as Danny’s life unravels from being an almost normal suburban existence.

If you were Danny, would you Play Your Cards Right?


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Get into my sexy shorts …

Reunion and other erotic stories is a collection of six tales and is now available.

What can you expect to find within the six tales?

1. Reunion – When a beautiful young woman organises the class reunion she produces a video to provide a bit of background on how she’s kept in touch with her classmates over the years.

2. A Family Friend – A young man arrives at a remote house hoping to spend a day and night of wild sex with his new girlfriend … but a man opens the door.

3. Lost and Found – A woman finds she is unable to reach a book on a high shelf in a store. Another female customer lifts it down for her and then suggests that they know each other.

4. Brotherly Love – An older step-brother gets to know his half-sibling a bit more than either of them might have expected.

5. The Special Gift – A delectable woman is home alone with her eighteen-year-old step-son who was waiting for a special gift and a night out with his older brother.

6. One Night Stand – It’s fine for a man to have an addiction to one night stands, just as long as he isn’t married … and gets caught.

I’m hoping that my short stories will succeed in more than one way. Entertainment is as always the primary aim. I’d also like to prove that you don’t have to write a novel to create a fictional world with sexy scenes. My third target is to tease you with my short erotica so that you’re tempted to try my longer work.

Who says size doesn’t matter?

Watch out, Reunion and other erotic stories are waiting for you.

Katya x

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